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thumbnails for dr. cockroaches lab for monsters vs. aliens TV. I had the idea that his whole lab was just filled with garbage, and he dug tunnels through it to get to his separate rooms. There weren’t really the resources to do that in the show, but I still liked the idea. (also that he horded twinkies…)

So Jensen got a Twitter at last and I have seen that the destiehellers are already nagging him about their ship despite being told NOT to and also ignoring the fact that Jensen does not like talking about that subject. They have sent him unnecessary and stupid pictures and questions.

We all have been waiting for years for Jensen to join Twitter and THIS is how they greet him? SERIOUSLY? I thought they LOOOVED him. Also, no we won’t stop using the term destiehellers since we use it for insane and idiotic shippers as well as using it and destiew for hate tags so we don’t flood their precious tags with hate, unlike what they have been doing to the Wincest shippers and the main tags for the show and characters.

^^^ You know, since destiehellers claim that we’re all a family and should come together as they come crawling on their hands and knees, begging to help them win polls and such to provide subsistence for their fanon ship despite them sending hate and insulting non-shippers as well as harassing the writers and actors. I wonder how long it’ll take for Jensen to get fed up with all the stupidity of them and just delete his account? 

I will answer them if I get any.

  • A:


  • B:

    Where I'm from.

  • C:

    Where I would like to live.

  • D:

    Favourite food.

  • E:


  • F:

    Sexual orientation.

  • G:


  • H:

    Favourite book.

  • I:

    Eye colour.

  • J:

    Favourite movie.

  • K:

    Favourite TV show.

  • L:

    Favourite band/singer.

  • M:

    Random fact about me.

  • N:

    Favorite day of the year.

  • O:

    Favourite colour.

  • P:

    If I have any pets; if so, their names.

  • Q:

    What I'm listening to right now.

  • R:

    Last movie I've watched.

  • S:

    What's my ringtone.

  • T:

    Favourite male character from a TV show.

  • U:

    Favourite female character from a TV show.

  • V:

    What my name means.

  • W:

    Favourite superhero.

  • X:

    Celebrity crush.

  • Y:

    My birthday.

  • Z:


UGH! B.O.B.!


I was jusrt watching monsters vs Aliens on Nicktoons and teh scene he comes in with gloves he made into balloons when he says and I quate ” -I found this small one in the Mens Bathroom and it did NOT taste good at all-” and… Ugh GROSS. Just GROSS B.O.B. I mean Really?! On a Kids Show, REALLY?! *facepalms*

*sigh* He wasn’t referring to a condom there. And this is how that scene ACTUALLY went, and this is truly word for word taken DIRECTLY from it:

B.O.B: I found balloons with fingers!

Susan: Fantastic, B.O.B!

B.O.B: But you know, the cake’s kind of a problem! *note he said CAKE here* I found one in the men’s room, but it was small and I really, really, really did not like the taste!

I am fairly certain that he was referring to a bar of soap here. It makes a lot more sense that B.O.B would confuse a bar of soap for a cake. 

And I’m sure anyone who was either curious enough to taste it or was forced to wash their mouth out with soap for one reason or another when they were younger would know that soap is absolutely disgusting.

PLEASE STOP MAKING THIS SCENE ABOUT SOMETHING IT TRULY WASN’T. Yes, MvA has had it’s fair share of dirty references *especially when it came to Link who had 2 scenes of suggestive references to a certain male body part*, but this was not one of those times.

This is the 2nd time I’ve had to correct someone who didn’t pay close attention to that scene and I really hope no one misinterprets this scene again.

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