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(The MvA and Dr. Cockroach tags are being a bit slow and I’m being lazy when it comes to drawing so it’s time for another post based on this week’s destihell drama *Fluttershy yay*) Apologies followers…

So, I’ve seen the recent Nerd HQ video and I am really confused on how Jared’s response to the question about women on the show was sexist *sorry, I meant to say sexist, not transphobic before*. I thought he was just being honest b/c most of the women who has been on the show have been love interests for the boys and then were killed off because the fans didn’t like them. SPN isn’t a romance show and never will be. Also, I thought it was a typical guy thing to do to call their buddies “girls” or whatever. Who knew that was being transphobic :/

Anyways, now there’s complaining about there not being enough women?? Gee, I wonder why that is? Hypocrites has been tossed around a lot about the destihellers and people whining about there being any females and I’d have to agree there. Anytime a woman is said to be guest-starring, those fans riot. There’s no pleasing you- not unless destihell is involved. Now there’s a ton of hate going around about Jared because of that and the destihellers are trying to get him fired. 


I hope they realize that without Jared, there will be no Supernatural and that would also mean no more precious Dean and Cas moments, not that there were any to begin with. I should say no more Sam and Deanmoments for them to corrupt and twist into their own sick fantasies. Is it just me or do the destihellers get more and more obnoxious and ridiculous each day?

I must also say that I really dislike how they’re hating on John. I mean, really? He DID try his best to provide for his sons. He DID protect them by keeping them by his side instead of just ditching them somewhere. He made sure they knew how to protect themselves when he wasn’t around to do so. If sacrificing yourself to save your sons wasn’t being  caring and protective, only to come back and save them from the enemy they’ve been after for YEARS…then I’m not sure what is. John Winchester was an amazing and awesome father who DID NOT abuse or hit his sons.

They still choose to believe that destihell will happen in season 10 and come up with the most implausible scenarios I have ever read. I can’t believe they’re still thinking their ship will happen after it has been proven that it will never, ever, ever, ever ,ever, ever, ever, ever, ever ,ever, ever happen.

PLEASE let Cas not make it to even halfway into the season. I am really tired of all this angels and demons drama and it would be so refreshing to see Cas finally get killed off like he was meant to be 5 seasons ago.



Imagine your icon accidentally setting off their car alarm, and in order to get it to stop, they have to stand in front of the headlights singing “I’m a little teapot” complete with the hand gestures.

Meanwhile, Susan will be standing to the side laughing her butt off while recording the whole thing. Dr Cockroach will be like, “Let us never speak of this again” all embarrassed and disgruntled when they get back in the car.

Susan will still be giggling and replaying the video just to annoy him but he’s actually smiling and chuckling to himself when she’s not looking or paying attention..


I adore Jared and Genevieve. As fans, we get to share in their lives.  We’ve seen their boys come along and now we’re watching them grow.

I read this article from Jared’s quotes and was inspired to put this together.

They are a lovely family. It amazes me the way Jared looks at Gen. And it’s obvious they’re wonderful parents, too.

Sources: @realgpad, @jarpad, fanpop,

Reblog if you ship Susan/Dr. Cockroach and/or Susan/Link

I’m just curious to see how many people ship either or both of them just so I don’t feel alone :P



My baby boy, Reddy, being cute and then running when he sees me recording him


 The amazing voice talent of the stars of Monsters vs. Aliens (movie, video game, specials, and tv series)

<3 Dr. Cockroach:

Hugh Laurie- movie, B.O.B’s Big Break, and Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space

James Horan- Night of the Living Carrots and MvA video game

Chris O’Dowd- tv series

Robin Atkin Downes- tv series (episode- “The Two Faces of Dr. Cockroach’)

<3 Susan Murphy/Ginormica

Reese Witherspoon- movie, MvA video game, and Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space

Riki Lindhome- tv series

<3 The Missing Link (Link)

Will Arnett- movie, MvA video game, B.O.B’s Big Break, and Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space

Diedrich Bader- tv series

David Kaye- Night of the Living Carrots

<3 B.O.B

Seth Rogen- movie, MvA video game, B.O.B’s Big Break, Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space, and Night of the Living Carrots

Eric Edelstein- tv series

<3 General W.R. Monger

Kiefer Sutherland- movie, B.O.B’s Big Break, Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space, and Night of the Living Carrots

Kevin Michael Richardson- tv series

Fred Tatasciore- MvA video game

<3 President Hathaway- 

Stephen Colbert- movie

James Patrick Stuart- tv series

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